Discount Apple iPod 16GB Nano 7th Generation Silver

Apple iPod 16GB Nano 7th Generation Silver

Apple iPod 16GB Nano 7th Generation Silver The all new iPod nano is completely redesigned with a thinner and sleeker look and an epic 2.5-inch Multi-Touch display. About the size of a credit card, the new iPod nano lets you see more of the music, photos and videos you want with easy access buttons that allow you to play, pause and change the volume or the song. The sleek new iPod nano comes in a great array of colors to match its new anodized aluminum design. What' s even better this iPod nano has it all! Not only can you listen to your favorite music but also view photos, watch your favorite TV shows and movies or listen to a podcast. The 2.5-inch display makes that happen in stunning color so you won' t miss anything just because you' re on the go. In addition, the built-in FM radio keeps you tuned in to what' s going on whether it' s the game or your favorite radio show. But it gets even better: want to pause a song on the radio? Now you can with Live Pause, just tap to pause and then again to continue even rewind up to 15 minutes of live radio. It' s all there at the tip of your fingertips. Love to work out? The iPod nano is your perfect workout partner. Featuring musical motivation and real-time feedback, the new iPod nano features built-in Nike+ support and a pedometer. There' s no more need for sensors or receivers. Plus the built-in Bluetooth allows you to wirelessly connect to heart-rate monitors and headphones, optimizing your workout and helping you reach your goals. Sync your iPod nano to to track your activity and measure your progress yes, it' s that easy. The new iPod nano: smaller, sleeker and everything at your fingertips.

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