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Rowing Machines - Kettler Kadett Rower

The KETTLER Kadett is the undisputed gold standard of piston rowing and manufacturing on an outrigger frame. KETTLER's piece-by-piece German manufacturing standards, combined with an outrigger design that works a more comprehensive set of upper-body muscles, means the Kadett provides the very best, most complete workout available in a compact rowing machine. The Kadett's frame is far more stable and smooth than those of its less expensive competitors, and its outrigger design replicates the natural elliptical arc of a true rowing motion! Like all Kettler rowers, the Kadett comes with included heart rate monitoring and a performance monitor that tracks a range of workout statistics including pulse. 12 adjustment settings control resistance through 2 industrial-strength hydraulic cylinders. Sturdy, KETTLER -designed frame with ball bearings in the padded seat's rollers provide a smooth glide along the main aluminum track. Adjustable footplates pivot and extend to accommodate various rowers. Oars easily fold down for trouble-free storage. KETTLER earlobe clip measures heart rate electronically. LCD Training computer displays time, oar strokes, current cadence, cumulative distance over a training session, heart rate and kilojoules, a precise measurement of energy consumption (4.2 kJ = 1 kcal). Settings include time, distance goals and a visual and acoustical cadence signal. Recovery pulse rate feature and scan function rotates various readings at 6-second intervals. Optional wireless Polar T34 heart rate transmitter & receiver is available.