Shop Polar RS300X sd Heart Rate Monitor, Black, 1 ea

Polar RS300X sd Heart Rate Monitor, Black, 1 ea

Shop for Heart Rate Monitors from! Display is configurable to show important information during your workout Foot pod measures training trip lap and total distance since last reset Foot pod odometer keeps track of cumulative distance and can't be reset Measures current average and max speed; sets speed-based target zones with visual and audible alarms to alert you when you are outside those zones5 preset sport zones based on percentages of maximum heart rate give you the proper level of intensity Records average and maximum heart rate for each lap and for entire training session Records laps automatically based on a preset distance Display zoom lets you zoom in on different stats during your workout Interval timers based on time or distance; timers tell you when to switch to a different intensity level Provides guided workouts based on intervals of time heart rate speed or distance Uses your age to set a target heart rate zone; plays audible and visual alarms to let you know when you are outside this zone Based on your heart rate Polar OwnZone can determine if you are stressed tired or not fully recovered from a previous training session and adjust your target zone accordingly Polar's personal training website can use data from your heart rate monitor watch to set personal limits and keep you from over- or under-training16 training files with summaries; stores training data starting from last reset as well as weekly history Graphical at-a-glance display of your target zone and current intensity level Heart Touch function provides button-free operation so you can get training information while wearing gloves or otherwise unable to conveniently press buttons Coded transmission prevents interference from nearby devices; your monitor will only receive information from your transmitter Can also be worn as a watch with backlight date and weekday indicator and time of day displayed in 12- or 24-hour format with alarm and snooze Key Lock prevents accidental button presses during training Display can be set to English German Spanish or ItalianWater resistant to 50 meters Manufacturer's warranty included - see Product Guarantee area for complete details About Polar ElectroTrue expertise in sports physiology and electronics has helped Polar Electro maintain leadership in sports technology and heart rate monitors since 1977. Their products help you understand what your body is saying in order to effectively target workouts. These products cater to people of all fitness levels and are backed by Polar's stellar support and advice. They can help you improve your sports performance aid rehabilitation and weight management or just help you enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Polar's team of ambitious and talented professionals are passionate about delivering the very best products and support to their customers. It is this passion that has made Polar Electro a success.